Scoot Skins Slim – 2 pack

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Scoot Skins

Scoot skins are the ultimate glue shoe for the elite performance horse. They are the latest innovation in hoof boot technology. Scoot Skins are made of a very strong thermoplastic urethane which makes them extremely robust and light. The Regular model is more as long as wide and the Slim model is narrower than long.

Unique features and benefits

Can be glued on and left on for the entire cycle of trim thanks to the cleaning option where you is able to rinse the sole clean in the front of the skin.
-Large surface to glue on
-Durable and flexible
-Only an average weight of 220 g (8 ounces)
-The open front allows the hoof to grow

How do I glue my Scoot Skins

For successful application, gluing should only be performed by people who are skilled and experienced in gluing glue shoes.

How to glue on Scoot Skins click here

How to clean your Scoot Skins while they are glued on click here

How to remove old glue and get the Skins redy to be used again click here

How to remove your Skins click here

How long can I keep Skins on?

Scoot Skins can be left on during the entire trim cycle 4-6 weeks without any bacteria building up under the hoof, which can lead to many hoof problems. Scoot Skins are self-cleaning and the entire sole can be rinsed and medicated while it is glued. This special feature saves the time and expense of having to remove the glued on shoe to medicate the hoof. At the same time, Scoot Skins allow total sole protection.


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