Scoot Pads – 4 pack

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Scoot Pads

Scoot Pads are used for:

  • Horses with sore soles
  • As padding if your horse is between two sizes
  • Horses with low heels
  • In combination with tee-nuts ice studs (not Scoot Ice Studs)

We only recommend pads if they are needed for one of above listed reasons. Most horses do not need pads in their Scoot Boots. The use of pads can affect the fit of the boots and you may need to go up in size. Available in sizes 000-9.

What size?

The size of the Scoot Pad depends on the size of the boots you have and follows the same size table as the corresponding size of boots.

Scoot Pads size 000-2 are 3mm thick
Scoot Pads size 3-9 are 4mm thick

* If you use model Scoot SLIM, you need to cut the pad to fit the boots.


4 Scoot pads

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